Site Visit and Research

In order to gain a better understanding of existing site conditions, VPG toured the Geauga Lake grounds in early Feb 2017.  The longtime groundskeeper and staff members from Cedar Fair--the previous site operator and current owner of the site--guided us through the former amusement park and answered background questions regarding existing infrastructure and environmental conditions. 

Additionally, VPG heard from a number of local stakeholders in the fields of local government, environmental planning community development, and real estate development.  

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Community Outreach

Community input was an important part of our planning process. We surveyed local residents both in person and through the mail to get their thoughts on our redevelopment plan and capture their opinions on possible new uses for the site. 

The second part of our outreach process interviewed over 50 in-person stakeholder interviews from professionals in the fields of real estate developers, environmental conservational professionals, and members of community organizations in the area.


Site Planning

Building on our research and community outreach, VPG developed a site plan.  Informed by our findings, the plan emphasizes public access to the 61 acre lake, environmental conservation, and a mix of land uses for people at all stages of life.  Our long-term vision for the next 100 years of Geauga Lake contributes to both the environmental and economic health of the region.